ALARZ.PK is a Lahore based real estate and construction company dedicated to delivering exceptional results. Whether you are looking for your dream home, seeking an investment opportunity, or planning a construction project, we have the expertise and resources to exceed your expectations. We provide the following services.

  • Residential real Estate
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Construction and Development
  • Renovations and Remodeling
  • Property Management

Residential real Estate

Discover your dream home in the vibrant city of Lahore, Pakistan. Our residential real estate listings showcase a diverse range of properties, from cozy apartments in the heart of the city to spacious houses in serene suburban neighborhoods. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or looking to upgrade to a larger space, our expert real estate agents are here to guide you through the process and help you find the perfect home that suits your lifestyle and preferences.

Commercial Real Estate

Find the perfect place for your business in Lahore’s busy commercial areas. Check out our listings for offices, shops, and more. We know location is key, so our team will help you find the best spot for your needs. Whether you want a bustling area or a growing business district, we’ve got you covered. Let us guide you to the ideal location for your enterprise.

Construction and Development

Start your building projects confidently with us. We don’t just help you buy and sell properties; we also assist with construction and development. Whether it’s homes, stores, or mixed-use buildings, we work with trusted contractors and builders in Lahore for quality and speed. Let us bring your ideas to life, guiding you through construction in Lahore’s real estate market.

Renovations and Remodeling

Make your home or business look better with our renovation services. Our team will help you update your place to make it more modern and stylish. Whether it’s a small change or a big one, we’ll work with you to make sure it’s just what you want. We’ll make your place look and work better, just the way you like it, in Lahore.

Property Management

Let us take care of your properties in Lahore. We’ll handle everything from finding tenants to fixing things up. You can trust us to make sure your investments make money and stay in good shape. Just relax and leave it to us to manage your properties in Lahore, Pakistan.